Forum for Feb. 6, 2024: NH is a landlord state

Published: 02-06-2024 4:30 PM

NH is a landlord state

Has it come to anyones attention lately that rents in this state have sky rocketed, especially in Claremont, Newport, Charlestown and all towns around? The reason for this is because New Hampshire has no cap on rent control, it’s a landlord state. Basically they can charge as much as they want but they leave you with your place falling apart. They do no repairs unless not doing them will cost them money in the long run. And what the heck is charging for water and sewer?

The worst part is our governor, the Great Sununu, hasn’t put any cap on rentals here. Wake up. How much do you think people can pay for your junky apartments? Do something soon or you going to have a lot more homeless people living in our parks, streets, wherever they can lay there heads for a bit. It’s not just the junkies who are homeless. These are good people who work every day and provide for their families, and young people who are just starting out on their own. Wake up governor and do something to help. These are your streets, your parks and your people.

Nancy Muskelly


A parent to sister city

I am saddened to read that Pietie Birnie passed away on Jan. 6 and I extend my condolences to her family. Pietie served on the Hanover-Joigny, France Committee right from the start. She worked diligently to persuade the Hanover Selectboard to officially accept the Sister City arrangement, or “twinning” as it is also called.

Almost immediately (in 1991) Hanover High French students traveled to Joigny and Joigny students followed up with home stays with local families. Airfare was the only expense for both groups. Pietie and others welcomed Joigny city officials in a formal Twinning Ceremony in Hanover and we traveled to Joigny for an elaborate ceremony there. Over time, Hanover High music students sang in various French churches and several sports teams played games in Joigny.

Unfortunately COVID disrupted the exchanges. My hope is that these important cultural exchanges can resume, but it will take local educators, volunteers and chaperones to revive this important educational program. Thirty years was quite an accomplishment but the possibility exists for several more decades of cultural exchanges with Hanover’s Sister City.

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Don Watson


Biden and Trump
should be shamed

Biden is the best of current options, but he should be held accountable.

First for not standing in opposition to the Zionist lobby insinuating it’s Palestinian objective into U.S. Israeli policy. Instead, Biden is on record saying that, in the context of the Zionist land agenda, “I am a Zionist.” Shame!

Second, Biden has advocated for billions of U.S. taxpayers’ money being allocated to Israel in the form of a military arsenal that is being used to ravage what remains of Palestine, and to expunge the Palestinian people from their land. Shame!

Needless to say, let us not forget that it was Donald Trump who mandated that the U.S. embassy be moved to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv. When the United Nations erroneously partitioned Palestine, it stipulated that Jerusalem would remain an international center for Christian, Jewish and Muslim faiths. Political centers would remain elsewhere. Obviously, Donald Trump again insinuated his mindless vacuity where it didn’t belong.

Biden and Trump should both bear the burden of being shamed.

William Gilbert