Sunapee approves 13 of 15 zoning amendments

Published: 03-13-2024 12:56 PM

Modified: 03-13-2024 3:35 PM

SUNAPEE — Voters rejected two of the 15 zoning amendments on Sunapee’s warrant in ballot voting on Tuesday.

One would have allowed greater density in the village commercial and residential districts to allow one dwelling unit per 7,000 square feet of land. It lost by just eight votes.

The other, defeated 600 to 354, would have reduced the threshold for requiring certificates of zoning compliance for interior renovations to $15,000.

Voters narrowly approved, 467 to 461, a zoning amendment to limit the number of platforms or stairs that can be consider minor structures to one and added bob/ice shanties to the town’s list of minor structures. All other zoning articles were approved by larger margins.

Voters approved a town operating budget of $10.1 million.

They rejected, 495 to 450, an article to raise and appropriate $120,750 for the Fire Apparatus and Equipment Capital Reserve Fund, as well as $52,500 for the Highway Garage Infrastructure Improvements Capital Reserve Fund, 512 to 434.

They approved appropriating $67,500 to expand the per-diem staffing of the Sunapee Fire Department from two eight-hour weekday positions to a single 24-hour, seven-day per week position. Voters passed an article to appropriate $58,000 to make the recreation director position full time.

Voters approved two articles related to how the town counts votes. One instructs the town clerk and moderator to investigate the purchase of a new ballot counting device to be used for counting votes at each election. The other asks the Selectboard to consult the town clerk and moderator before purchasing a new ballot counting device.

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In uncontested races, voters elected Jeremy Hathorn and Anthony W. Dolan to three-year terms on the Selectboard. On the school side, they elected Alysse Lizotte to a three-year term on the School Board.

Voters approved all articles on the school warrant, including a budget of $14.5 million and $1.64 million for a Bio Mass boiler at Sunapee Middle High Schools.

Of the town’s 2,929 voters, 999, or 34%, cast ballots on Tuesday.