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Police: New London town official kills domestic partner, then himself
11-30-2022 10:45 PM


NEW LONDON — A 78-year-old man shot and killed his domestic partner inside their New London home and then killed himself, state officials announced Wednesday.Douglas Lyon called police to the Shaker Street home at 1:38 p.m. Tuesday. When officers...

Wood pellets may be hard to get this winter, and more expensive
09-18-2022 10:13 PM


The price hikes and supply crunches that have clobbered fuel supplies and raised prices throughout the world are starting to affect the one fuel we can call our own: Wood pellets.“There is quite a bit available right now but with the ongoing...

Draft NH education standards challenged by public school advocacy group
09-17-2022 11:09 PM


CONOCRD — A group of educators and business leaders have been working for more than a year to revise the rules and definitions for New Hampshire public schools, and an early draft has drawn concern from public school advocates.The changes could affect...

Love for bassoon falls out of tune in NH woodwind sections
07-31-2022 1:39 AM


The last couple of years have seen such a parade of problems that it’s hard to be surprised by them any more. Even so, here’s a problem you probably haven’t thought of: New Hampshire is facing a shortage of bassoon players.A combination of factors...

There are still homes that heat with coal. Yes, coal
05-23-2021 9:00 PM


CONCORD — Coal, once the dominant fuel for heating buildings while driving industry in New England, has faded almost entirely from view. Julie Kinney can point to one remnant that she wishes would fade with it.“We have an ash pile right now. At some...

New Hampshire legislation calls for lactation spaces at work
02-04-2021 10:00 PM


CONCORD — The New Hampshire Senate voted Thursday for a bill to require New Hampshire companies to allow new mothers to pump breast milk at work, moving forward a protection that has been years in the works.SB 69, adopted unanimously by the chamber...

Those webs in trees are ugly but not really a problem
08-31-2020 10:01 PM


So many bad things are happening in the environment that the sight of what looks like huge balls of cotton candy all over some trees feels like the latest new disaster.But don’t fret: They’re routine and not as bad as they look.These aren’t gypsy...

Canadian firm buys Rymes Propane and Oil for $159 million
08-27-2020 10:23 PM


CONCORD — Rymes Propane and Oil, founded a half-century ago and long based in New Hampshire, is being bought by a Canadian energy firm for $159 million.The purchase by Superior Plus needs regulatory approval and is scheduled to wind up Sept....

Changes in the works for NH site honoring Hannah Duston, woman known for killing Native Americans
07-15-2020 9:17 PM


BOSCAWEN, N.H. — As a national conversation erupts over how our country honors historic figures, the Hannah Duston Memorial in Boscawen will remain standing — albeit with a few changes.State officials are in discussion with Abenaki leaders and...

Accomplice in 1997 killing of Epsom officer walks away from halfway house
02-17-2020 9:51 PM


MANCHESTER — Manchester police have issued an arrest warrant for the man convicted as an accomplice in the 1997 murder of an Epsom, N.H., police officer after he absconded from parole.Kevin Paul, 40, walked away from his sober living house in...

NH House passes two plastic bag bills
01-09-2020 9:49 PM


CONCORD — The New Hampshire House passed two bills to regulate single-use plastics Thursday, furthering an effort by Democrats to crack down on waste from plastic bags and straws.Members of the House voted largely along party lines to impose a...

Will Mass. change spur NH, Vt. to alter their highway exit signs?
11-23-2019 10:14 PM


Are the days of heading to downtown Lebanon on Exit 18 numbered? Maybe so.The state Department of Transportation has endorsed the idea of changing exit numbers on interstates and turnpikes so that they reflect mileage rather than sequence.New...

Advocates petition ABC to cancel airing of Owen Labrie interview
07-22-2019 10:08 PM


Victim advocacy organizations in New Hampshire and nationally are calling for ABC’s Good Morning America to cancel its interview with convicted sex offender Owen Labrie, less than a month after his release from jail.The New Hampshire Coalition Against...

Rules Protecting N.H. Residents From Winter Utility Disconnection Kick In Today
11-15-2018 12:32 AM

By Nick Stoico

Winter may be here by Friday with a few inches of snow in the forecast, and families struggling to keep up with their utility bills have options to avoid a shutoff.The rules surrounding utility disconnections change slightly in the winter months to...

N.H. Teen Held Captive for Nine Months Says She Never Lost Her Will to Survive
09-09-2018 12:20 AM

By Alyssa Dandrea

Handcuffed with a jacket over her head, Abigail “Abby” Hernandez could hear the squeezing and popping of her cellphone as her captor attempted to break it into pieces. The man who had taken her at gunpoint and threatened to slit her throat in Conway...

Officials Consider X-Ray Scanners for Prisons
05-06-2016 12:10 AM

By Allie Morris

Concord — A quick kiss between an inmate and his girlfriend in the prison visiting room is all it takes to slip a small amount of illegal drugs, concealed within a deflated balloon, from one mouth to the other.Just like that, officials say, contraband...

Displaying articles 41 to 56 out of 56 total.

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