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Editorial: New Hampshire budget shorts kids, again
06-18-2023 7:53 PM

Question: What kind of a Legislature would pass a $15.2 billion state budget while allowing 6,000 school children to needlessly go hungry at lunch on the theory that it would cost too much to feed them? Answer: The New Hampshire kind.Indeed, the final...

Editorial: Court must hold NH to account on ER boarding
05-30-2023 3:42 PM

U.S. District Judge Landya McCafferty has imposed a tight deadline on the state of New Hampshire to end the practice of detaining in hospital emergency departments patients involuntarily committed to the mental health system while they wait for...

Rudderless Sununu
05-15-2023 9:09 AM

U.S. Sen. Jeanne Shaheen recently told a Boston television station that New Hampshire voters are too independent-minded to back Donald Trump in 2024. Recalling that Donald Bolduc, a certified conspiracy theorist and election denier, got 44.5% of the...

Editorial: Relocation programs an affront
05-08-2023 10:03 AM

Given all of Vermont's charms and all of its challenges, state government's continued determination to lavish taxpayer dollars on the attempt to lure new workers to the state is beyond puzzling. These incentives are probably at best a marginal factor...

Editorial: Hartford’s hiring challenge
05-01-2023 9:08 AM

Members of the Hartford Town Manager Search Committee held five community listening sessions during the past week to identify what skills, characteristics and experience the public wants in a new manager. (We vote for quiet competence, a thick hide...

Editorial: Disregard for donor intent won’t pay off
04-24-2023 9:34 AM

Why would a prestigious institution endowed with an embarrassment of riches risk embarrassment by trying to get just a little richer? And, can donors to New Hampshire nonprofits be assured that their charitable gifts will be used as intended? These...

Editorial: The ‘right to repair’ is essential
04-16-2023 6:22 AM

One does not have to read the Valley News obituary columns for many days before encountering some such encomium as “he could fix anything,” or “he was never happier than in the presence of a piece of equipment that needed repair.” Indeed, that kind of...

Editorial: In Hartford, don’t make it personal
04-03-2023 10:01 AM

It’s often said that people get the government they deserve. Hartford residents better hope that’s not true, because their Selectboard is dysfunctional to the point of embarrassment.Anyone who doubts this is invited to view video recordings of the...

Editorial: Shifting the rules of the game
03-27-2023 11:39 AM

What’s old will be new again when the curtain rises on the Major League Baseball season Thursday.MLB has taken a series of steps this year that promise to return the game to its former glory. Among the most significant are rules changes designed to...

Editorial: Follow words with deeds in Lebanon
03-13-2023 10:07 AM

At a City Council meeting earlier this winter, Lebanon City Manager Shaun Mulholland asked, “Isn’t government supposed to solve problems?” This rhetorical question constituted a welcome reaffirmation of the power of democratic institutions to promote...

Editorial: America’s ever-growing gun appetite
03-06-2023 10:05 AM

New Hampshire Public Radio recently reported on a firearms training session conducted in a state park by Rainbow Reload, a New Hampshire LGBTQ gun club that is one of a number throughout the nation. “If the world is dangerous, then you have to be...

Editorial: Keep public tuition out of private hands
02-27-2023 10:11 AM

It is an unhappy irony that while the nation has traditionally looked to the U.S. Supreme Court for clarity and continuity, the court’s current majority is intent on sowing confusion and chaos by abolishing old standards while providing only the...

Editorial: Decision diminishes university
02-20-2023 5:04 PM

The powers-to-be at Vermont State University claim to have seen the future of libraries and have pronounced it “digital.” To which we join with students, faculty, staff and the Vermont Library Association in saying, “Not so fast” — the age of analog...

Editorial: No winners in Windsor
01-30-2023 11:36 AM

While one hears frequently of “win-win” propositions, it’s much rarer to hear one described as a “lose-lose.” That, however, appears to us to be the case in the settlement of former Windsor School Principal Tiffany Riley’s federal lawsuit alleging...

Editorial: Are we now receiving better care?
01-22-2023 3:41 PM

When the organization now known as Dartmouth Health first began swallowing up smaller hospitals and medical practices in the Upper Valley and in the wider region, it articulated a vision of a unified system in which patients would receive “the right...

Editorial: The state of Twin States leadership
01-16-2023 7:59 PM

This is a tale of two neighboring states, told by their Republican governors in inaugural addresses as they embarked on their fourth terms in office earlier this month.The first is a fairy tale spun by New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu, which consisted...

Editorial: Homeless in NH
01-09-2023 11:10 AM

New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu is a busy guy. Just ask him. “I’m a governor, I’m 24/7,” Sununu recently told the Politico news outlet. “My phone is on. You have a flood, you have a disaster, you have a problem with corrections. It’s a hard job. And...

Editorial: Walmart strains police resources
01-08-2020 10:10 PM

Walmart’s blue-light special is no bargain for either shoppers or taxpayers. Unlike Kmart’s iconic old promotion, the Walmart blue-light special, which is being rolled out in the Upper Valley and across the country by the end of this month, does not...

Editorial: The lingering damage of an old criminal record
03-09-2019 10:10 PM

Before he became a country music superstar, singer and songwriter Chris Stapleton was in a bluegrass band called The SteelDrivers. Several songs on their first two albums involved young men interacting, not happily, with the criminal justice system....

Displaying articles 41 to 59 out of 59 total.

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