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Editorial: Is the rise of mental health issues connected to the decline of the humanities?
10-30-2023 10:23 AM

Two alarming developments on college campuses are the widespread mental health issues being experienced by students and a precipitate decline in the study of the humanities. Although it may seem far-fetched, we can’t help but wonder whether there is...

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Editorial: Push to allow private schools to skip background checks unconscionable
10-16-2023 9:23 AM

So it has come to this: In the name of “parental rights” and “school choice,” some Republican lawmakers in Concord are willing to expose New Hampshire schoolchildren to the risk of potential sexual and physical abuse.This unconscionable dereliction of...

Column: Sharing a big, old house and staying loose
01-22-2023 3:37 PM


There is a term in ecology used to describe the sharing of scarce resources by various species. This survival strategy, resource partitioning, occurs across the animal kingdom, and I suppose, if one looks at fungal connections, between plants as well....

Column: A meditation on tricks of the mind
01-16-2023 12:46 PM


Winter HoursI don’t think I am old yet, or done with growing. But my perspective has altered — I am less hungry for the busyness of the body, more interested in the tricks of the mind. by Mary Oliver On a recent chilly Sunday afternoon in early...

Column: Where lost innocence becomes a marker
01-11-2023 4:03 PM


“Where were you on the day President Kennedy was shot?” For people of a certain age this question has become a cliché, and for others there is another about the morning of Sept. 11. 2001. Those of us who lived in the Northeast in November of 1965 can...

Column: China’s challenge and a US response
01-09-2023 11:06 AM


In spite of the raging COVID-19 virus that has sent millions of Chinese to hospitals and killed thousands after the sudden U-turn in its quarantine policy, China has not taken its eyes off the prize: Taiwan and South China Sea.During the last week of...

Column: Megachurches reach beyond evangelicals
12-03-2022 10:00 PM


As someone who studies religion in North America, I’m often asked if there are any non-evangelical megachurches. The answer is an emphatic yes. I recently spent a Sunday at one, St. Andrew United Methodist Church, in the suburbs of Denver.Many...

Displaying articles 1 to 6 out of 6 total.

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